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Code of Laws

As Regions are newly created governments in Atlasia, they have no existing law of their own to work with. As such the laws of each State remain in force, unless they come in conflict with an Atlasian or a Regional law. The code of law of the Southeastern Region rests upon a triad of a constitution, initiatives, and regulations.


The Constitution of the Southeastern Region is a basic document providing for the seperation of executive, judicial, and legislative power. It also provides the framework for selcting officers to carry out those powers. Fleshing out those powers is the responsibility of initiatives and regulations.


The initiative is the basic lawmaking process for the Southeastern Region. Initiatives can be proposed either by the Governor or by a petition signed by any three Southeast citizens.


Regulations provide the mechanism for the executive to express its inherent executive power in an organized fashion. They are the most flexible part of the law, for they may be promulgated by a Governor at will, but they are also the weakest, as they are subordinate to both the Constitution and any initiative that may be enacted.